The UnBought and UnBossed Awards celebrate and honor the strong, smart, and bold women who have made impact in our community.


Throughout the year, Girls Inc. high school girls participating in the She Can She Will program learn about the strong, smart and bold women who have influenced our nation, including women in our very own community. Girls are provided with foundational information about Shirley Chisholm, women’s history, and the traits of leaders in preparation for selecting UnBought and UnBossed honorees. Prior to the event, nominations for women in diverse career fields are submitted by community members. However, honorees are chosen by the girls to be their mentors. Personal and identifying information is removed, so the girls choose their honorees based solely on merit.


The culminating piece of this program is the Annual UnBought and UnBossed Awards Luncheon where each girl delivers a presentation about her chosen mentor. This process helps girls hone their interview, research, and public speaking skills. The girls develop relationships with their mentors, and many continue beyond the program’s completion. Any girl from any high school in Hamilton County can participate.

This has grown to become one of the truly special days in our community, and each year more than 800 people attend the event. In the past 15 years, more than 150 women have been honored at the UnBought and UnBossed Awards.

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