A Day at Girls, Inc. Summer Camp

Camp this year looks a bit different. There are usually at least a hundred girls circling the halls here during the summer at Girls, Inc. in Chattanooga. This year, there’s about 16 girls amongst both the elementary grades and the teens. Social distancing and safety guidelines are enforced through tape on the floors, separated crates for belongings, masks during movement, etc.

Although the different circumstances, the girls seem to be up to their usual bright, positive selfs.

In the morning, the elementary girls work with their teachers, Ms. Fance and Ms. Kayla. They start the day with expressing their artistic abilities with puffy paint.

After this fun and carefree activity, they watch a video that teaches them an educational and creative craft. Today, this craft involved tracing their thumbs to make outlines of “petals”. Each petal contained certain letters to help them learn their word groups.

While the younger girls were doing crafts, the teens were spending their time talking to and hanging out with their teacher, Ms. Kristen. Each day, they go on a walk around the camp area. I joined them today as they took a mile-long walk, filled with great talks and plenty of laughter. Once we got back inside, the teens were sent off to spend time in Ms. Sara's classroom to do some hands-on art activities of their choice before lunch.

Meanwhile, the elementary girls played outside on the playground before heading back inside to do a self-portrait art project with their teacher Ms. Joanna, which would be their last scheduled activity for the day.

After lunch, the teenagers did some virtual learning, participated in their book club, had a snack, and hung out with each other before heading outside to end the day in the sunshine.

Although the Girls, Inc. Camp is a little quieter this summer, the excellent teachers and bright girls alike are making the very most out of it and are having an amazing time celebrating being strong, smart, and bold girls!

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