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UnBought & UnBossed is a tribute to the spirit and determination of Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman to run for president of the United States. Chisholm declared herself to be a representative of all people and made a commitment to serve as a leader who would remain “unbought and unbossed.”

This luncheon has been a Chattanooga favorite for many companies, professionals and community leaders, with hundreds of supporters in attendance celebrating and honoring female community leaders who exemplify the Girls Inc. values; strong, smart and bold. These women are mentors to high school Girls Inc. girls. UnBought & UnBossed honorees are selected by girls participating in the program SHE: She Can, She Will. Teens participating in this program will learn about women who have made an impact throughout history and in their communities. They will select an honored woman from our community to be their mentor, many of the mentor/mentee relationships continue beyond the program. The girls will illustrate the link between past, present and future generations of female leadership by honoring their mentors with a short presentation in front of attendees, during this luncheon. Through this process, girls develop their interviewing, research and presentation skills.

UnBought & UnBossed is a time to recognize women for what they have done for these girls who they have mentored, the community and their families. Enjoy reading through the list of amazing women Girls Inc. of Chattanooga has honored since 2005.


Rep. Tommie Brown

Elizabeth Dixson

Natalie Elder 

Rep. Joanne Favors

Louise Hammonds        

Elaine Hill       

Dr. Willie Mae Hubbard    

Mai Bell Hurley 

Marisol Jimenez 

Ann Law

Anne McGintis   

Pastor Sheryl Randolph    

Judith Schorr     

Dr. Jacqueline Shaw      

Dr. Elaine Swafford   

Dr. Mary Tanner

Ann Wadley


Anna Van Cura

Sherrie Gilchrist

Vicky Gregg

Heidi Hefferlin

Sheila Jennings

Sharon Kelly

Tekelia Kelly

Kelly Liles

Chattanooga Locomotion

Melissa Miller

Benita Owens

Selma Paty

Sonia Sasse

Rebecca Smith

Judge Rebecca Stern

Dr. Minnie Vance


Judge Suzanne Bailey

Dr. Charlotte Boatwright

Dixie Brackett

Ruth Brinkley

Gwen Charles

Dr. Linda Fletcher

Mirtha Jones & Friends

Rev. Kuulei Green

Ardena Garth-Hicks

Peggie Kilpatrick

Daisy Madison

Debra Matthews

Ladell McCullough

Gwen Scott

Dorothy Stephen

Juanita Ulmer


Dr. Carol Berz

Rae Bond

Ann Coulter

Marcia Eason

Beverly Inman-Ebel

Carolyn Jones

Deborah Levine

Mattie Moran

Rickie Pierce

Ola Phipps

Dr. Kaye Sheridan


Tonya Kennedy Cammon

Carolyn R. Chapman

Dr. Arlene Donowitz

Voula Fairbanks

Teresa V. Kellum

Beverly McKeldin

Gloria Pogue

Lynn Rodgers

Marty L. Bryant/Stanley

Kathi Grant Willis


Marie Daly

Anita Ebersole

Donna Kelley

Kathleen Lane

Karen McReynolds

Sonya Kay Nelson

Dana Perry

Anjelika Riano

Uneva Shaw

Sandy Smith


​Sandy Cole

Cindy Cornette

Robin Derryberry

Valerie Gillespie

Dr. Joyce Hardaway

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill

Ruth Holmberg

Mabel Scruggs

Suzanne Smartt

Diceree Wheeler

Catherine Bolden


Allison Cardwell

Beverly Johnson

Charline Kilpatrick

Louisa Mesich

Dr. Valerie Radu

Dr. Maricela Rodriguez

Lori Street Runge

Clare Sawyer

Lauren Templeton

Peggy Thomas

Carolyn Thompson


Sheila Boyington

Sheri A. Fox

Gloria J. Griffith

Pam Ladd

Jill Levine

Carol K. O'Neal

Molly Sasse

Stacy Talwar

Sue Anne Wells


Darlene Boyd

Jo Coke

Amanda Dunn

Dorothy Grisham

Dr. Everlena Holmes

Stacy Lightfoot

Kelly McCarthy

Dr. Molly Seal, MD, PC

Christie Sell

Amy Walker


Dr. Stephanie Bellar

Lacey Furr

Jenise Gordon

Donna McConnico

Diane Parks

Gladys Pineda-Loher

Kathy Purnell

Dr. Christine Benz Smith

Barbara Allison-Standefer

Judge L. Marie Williams


Dr. Neslihan Alp

Monique Berke

Sharon Braden

Jessie Fincher

Carol George

Lynne Mulligan

Mukta Panda

Nancy Ridge

Mical Traynor


Sheila Albritton

Paige Evatt

Rafielle Freeman

Tenesha Irvin

Janice Neal

Dr. Marcia Noe

Nicole Osborne

Mrs. Christy Rashed

Ronelle Sellers


Bea Lurie

Cindy Wilson

Donna “Elle” Harrison

Helen Pregulman

Kayla Verner-Dingle

Nicci Brewer

Rachel Maria Kelly

Rachel Schulson


Karen Officer-Bell

Kisha Caldwell

Dr. Martina Harris

Mrs. Tyler Jeffrey

Dionne Jennings

Eva Jo (Saddler) Johnson

Henrietta Morris

Emily O'Donnell


Dr. Shevonda Sherrow

Lynda Minks Hood      

Rebecca Styles         

Victoria Overholser      

Sarah Broadnax  

Kim Strong

Dr. Edna Varner          

Melinda Bone


Chattanooga Room In

The Inn

The Women’s Fund of

Greater Chattanooga

Willowbend Farms


Donna Christian-Lowe

Tequilla Hurt

Dr. Kia Ruffin

Lori Stenger

Teal Thibaud

Dr. Angelnetta McGee Ulmer

Darin Wright


Jaleesa Brumfield

Tracey Smith

Alexis Eaton

Janie Parks Varnell

Dolliethea Sandridge

Aubrey LaRue

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Consider supporting Girls Inc. of Chattanooga and our programs designed just for girls. Every day, we equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated and independent.

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