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Our programs are designed to change the statistics. These research-based programs give girls the space to explore more career options, ways to manage relationships, and all of the other crucial tools to succeed in their lives beyond their time in our programs. We have broken our programs up into life-changing skills: literacy, STEAM, leadership, and development.




The Bookworm Club

strives to improve the literacy skills of girls in first through third grade by promoting a love of reading and providing fun and engaging programming that supports the school-based instruction that girls receive. Girls build developmentally appropriate reading skills so that they are equipped to succeed in school and participate more effectively in the Girls Inc. Experience. Locally, the Bookworm Club explores their world through literacy activities including reading aloud, storytelling, games, public speaking, reading, writing and the creative arts with first through third grade girls. Girls build on the fundamental building blocks of literacy, including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.


Club LIT(eracy)

is a locally developed after school literacy program for girls in fourth and fifth grades. Club LIT is designed to keep girls engaged in reading through individual and peer group literacy activities in comprehension and fluency, strengthen their communication skills; both verbal and written and provide an environment that promotes a love for reading. This book club setting will allow girls to explore life and reading as they navigate through life experiences.


Tiny Techs

is a locally designed STEAM program for first through third grade students to introduce them to STEAM. This hands-on experiment and project-based program allows participants to grow their interest and understanding of the different types of careers there are in the STEM fields.

TechKnow Girl

is a locally designed after-school STEM program for fourth and fifth grades. Through the use of research, hands-on exploration, and teamwork, girls look at science, technology, engineering, and math in a way that is relevant and engaging. TechKnow Girl empowers girls to enjoy subject matter they might not typically have time to enjoy in a traditional classroom setting and consider career paths they might not otherwise have considered.

Leadership and Development

Discovery Girl

is a locally designed program for third through fifth grade girls. This program will equip girls to strengthen their character through conflict resolution, building healthy relationships, goal setting, and developing resiliency for the stages ahead.


Traditional After School

is a Girls Inc. National curriculum-led program for fourth and fifth grade girls. The curriculum changes each semester but is always focused on helping our girls be stronger, smarter, and bolder. Curriculums used are media literacy, financial literacy, healthy sexuality, sporting chances, and she votes.

Girls Take Charge

is a locally developed program for middle school teens, sixth through eighth Girls will have the opportunity to learn about leadership, character development, practice healthy relationships, develop goal-setting skills, receive job exposure, and ultimately grow in a better understanding of who they are.

Road to College and Career Success

is a locally developed program for high school girls that helps develop the strong foundation necessary for success in high school and college. The program develops soft skills such as resume writing, interview skills, mock interviews, applying for college, budgeting, applying for scholarships, etc.

SHE, She Can, She Will

helps teens learn about women who have made an impact throughout history and in their communities. Teens are the selection committee for the annual UnBought & UnBossed Awards. They will select an honored woman from the community to be their mentor, many of the mentor and mentee relationships continue beyond the program. Through this process, they develop their interviewing, research and presentation skills.


helps define a sustainable and scalable approach to advocacy and delivery by directly engaging 12 to 15 teens, 8th - 12th grade, in prevention and education. IMPACT participants discuss the problems they care about most and will present their findings to 300 middle and high school students through peer-to-peer advocacy. Through education, peer presentations and conversations between IMPACT members, community teens and healthcare professionals, those involved are learning about their power to positively impact the health of our city and state.

Girl E3

is an entrepreneurship program for middle school girls. They will learn about how to lead and run a business, how to budget, and how to make and execute a business plan. They gain real-world experience by developing a real business by the end of the year.

Teen Leadership Institute

 is where girls will learn job/career readiness, self-reliance and life, time management and leadership development skills. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, participants will attend career exploration field trips and meet local business and organization leaders throughout Chattanooga and receive hands-on volunteer, paid internship, and workplace experiences at Girls Inc. thus, preparing them for the next stage in their lives, economic independence. 

Project Accelerate

is a Girls Inc. National based program for 11th grade students and follows them beyond graduation. Aiming to lift diverse women into corporate positions of power and influence, through the program, it will accelerate young women’s trajectories through college and career entry, leveraging partnerships with corporations and social impact organizations to ensure both their preparation and their access to positions of influence.



Support Girls Inc. of Chattanooga and our programs designed just for girls! Every day, we equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated and independent.

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