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You and your company's support and involvement can truly change the lives of our girls. We are happy to work with your company to develop a volunteer program specifically for your employees. Contact Cindy Rix at 423.624.47457, or email

Career/Educational Workshops

Engage girls in fun while learning about your business through hands-on activities. Create a workshop geared towards a specific age group that shares your passion for the field. 

Career Panels and Mock Interviews

Sit on a career panel or participate in mock interviews. You, along with a small group of individuals, have the opportunity to share your story, interviewing skills, and professional tips with our girls. 


Host a drive at your workplace or community organization to collect items like school supplies, books, or supplies needed for college. 

Program Sponsor

Help fund a field trip, program or special activity for the girls. For more information on sponsoring a Girls Inc. program, contact email

For more information on corporate volunteer opportunities, please contact: 

Cindy Rix, Chief Development Officer